My Thoughts

Life’s too comfy? Time to break out!

I do believe that I am saying this but saying this while feeling it is for the 1st time. I may sound random in the following paras cause I am just putting down in words whats going on in my head, and let me warn this might not read like a great story. But who cares, I don’t claim to be a writer and neither this piece is meant for literary awards. Its just to share a piece of me, a NOW me..

So before I get too random and you conclude that I am drunk let me tell you what I have realized. “Life should never get too comfortable, too predictable and too happy. When things go your way, they happen the way you meant them to be, they should stop before you reach a point where only they matter. If you do reach that level, time for you to break out!! If you don’t break out, sooner or later life will screw you.”

Since childhood we are taught to always respect what others want & keep others in our life in mind when we make decisions & always do what makes us happy!! But we are too much interested in the bowl of ice-cream kept in front of us to give it a little thought. We just nod our heads and do what seems our birth right(i am talking about the ice-cream), never thinking even once what we are being taught with those treats are so-so contradicting and should have those small *(star)s above them which says conditions apply!

My Thoughts

Whats in your BackPack?

“What’s in your BackPack?” – This is what George Clooney questions all in the movie “Up in the Air” and gets himself proved wrong by the end!

Clooney says we carry a lot of weight in our backpacks…house, office, cars, property, etc….so many materialistic things which slows us down and doesn’t let us enjoy the luxuries life can provide. Even worse when we replace these materialistic things with relationships. The backpack gets way heavier…parents, siblings, wife, children, relatives, friends…all in one BackPack makes our life a back-breaking experience!! We should let all this go and live life at our terms. Feel light…live light!
Whats in your Backpack?

As Clooney gets proved how wrong this theory is in terms of people, relationships and life, how he is just another man scared of responsibilities, I realized the “backpack” theory isn’t that wrong afterall.. Its all about what you fill your backpack with…

Stepping away from Clooney, the movie and whatever they wanted to say…here’s my version of the backpack theory..

You have a backpack…now fill this backpack with moments that have caused pain in your life. Fill it up with those people, relationships, memories that have become past and only remind you how wrong things went. Fill it up with all the mins, hours, days lost in crying over it. Time went in asking yourself Why me? Why did this happen? Why didn’t it last? Was it even worth me? Fill it up with the people who have hurt you, broken your trust and taken you for granted. The hours of wait which tended to reap nothing… The tears that never stopped flowing…