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Life’s too comfy? Time to break out!

I do believe that I am saying this but saying this while feeling it is for the 1st time. I may sound random in the following paras cause I am just putting down in words whats going on in my head, and let me warn this might not read like a great story. But who cares, I don’t claim to be a writer and neither this piece is meant for literary awards. Its just to share a piece of me, a NOW me..

So before I get too random and you conclude that I am drunk let me tell you what I have realized. “Life should never get too comfortable, too predictable and too happy. When things go your way, they happen the way you meant them to be, they should stop before you reach a point where only they matter. If you do reach that level, time for you to break out!! If you don’t break out, sooner or later life will screw you.”

Since childhood we are taught to always respect what others want & keep others in our life in mind when we make decisions & always do what makes us happy!! But we are too much interested in the bowl of ice-cream kept in front of us to give it a little thought. We just nod our heads and do what seems our birth right(i am talking about the ice-cream), never thinking even once what we are being taught with those treats are so-so contradicting and should have those small *(star)s above them which says conditions apply!

As we grow we don’t realize how particularly easily priorities change. Those things taught get all jumbled up and we remember among them only the ones we want to remember. If we do remember all, we prioritize them most of the time without even realizing. What I want to say is that slowly without realization, one’s own happiness takes the top slot. My career, my money, my life, my future is all that starts to take precedence over all the other things. It sounds like one whining selfish kid, doesn’t it? But yes that’s what we become without realizing. This happens at every age for everybody.

So now taking this scenario, where all that matters is US we try to achieve things that will make us happy. Good job, great house, awesome social circle and a amazing wife/hus/gf/bf! Overall a life one wanted. If we are lucky enough, we slowly carve our way to it. Get appreciated at work, evenings are spent happy, have a busy life which makes us feel content. At the end of the day, we tell ourselves, “Cheers to me! This is what I deserve.”

Slowly it becomes a part of our life and everything works like clockwork. We get comfortable in our lives and care less of everything else that does not fit in. Good friends become old friends, old friends become people-i-knew. Life feels awesome and worth living. Anything that does not match to our wishlist, cease to matter. And if something that was not part of it does come up and can’t be avoided, we feel dragged and forced. In the slow but steady process we build up a bubble around us and we become the frog from that well we have read about several times.

Living a peaceful and happy life inside the bubble, we forget that there are things/people that should matter and are not part of the bubble. We miss out on several happy moments of bonding and love. And one day when the clock is broken and nothing is the way it was, the cruel picture comes in front of us. A world we have lost touch to. A world believed to be our own at one point. Also we realize that the life we lived was happy but have missed the charm/unpredictiveness/excitement that is actually part of Life.

I am not saying that life should be painful and one should not get what one desires. What I am saying is: the excitement of experiencing something new, the hope of achieving something bigger, the confidence of able to take the step forward should never drain out. Slowly when life gets too comfy…all this and a lot more does eventually drain out. And finally when its too late, only then we realize that we do not have a destiny, there nothing significant enough we have achieved and nothing lasts forever.

So its always easier to try out things, get involved in new beginings, take risks(calculated) when life’s good. Never let life get too comfortable because there is a high chance then that you will end up with nothing in the end. Do things you used to do…don’t let time play a factor. Watch that movie, check out that new restaurant, catch up with an old buddy…it’s all gonna be good. And incase you would like to revamp your life completely, take the charge and try it out. Who knows maybe that will click better…

I don’t exactly know how much of this post makes sense right now but try doing the unpredictable YOU thing. The result may not be great but the experience will help you a long way ahead! Break-out from the bubble and make sure you burst before its takes you in completely…

And in case you are thinking that what I am saying applies to people who are happy with their lives then well NO… Its for all and lemme tell you life may be good but we may not be happy, coz we always crave for more. In case you are thinking that you are not happy with your life, you just need to try things differently. Try something new…

This post was something that I did not predict I will write, don’t care about the result but I sure am happy! Time to treat myself with an icecream… 🙂

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You know, most of our so called ‘random’ posts turn out really good, because they come straight out of the heart, without being distilled 🙂 This was one such post. This line is what tugged at me… ‘share a piece of me, a NOW me..’ I think the same way when I write a post, and I expect people to read without being judgemental.

@Pallavi – So true..our minds are always thinking about one thing or the other. Most of it is random and at the end of the day doesn’t make much sense unless we sincerely go over them. Its like a puzzle with lots of pieces but not all belong to one set. Its upto us to find the right pieces and try to create a complete picture. I am glad you liked my post, thanks. 🙂

Grt post Piyush..
Direct Dil Se 🙂
Really smtyms we dont realise d bst momemnts of our lyf coz of d bubble( u wer taking bout) n miss dm badly wn d bubble burst. :O

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