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तक़सीम (गुलज़ार )- Kahani Jaani Anjaani Podcast – Episode 57

जानिये गुलज़ार साहब के जीवन का एक किस्सा , उनकी लिखी खूबसूरत रचना तक़सीम में | 

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What’s special about today’s story?

The emotions described at the time of the partition, of losing & finding your loved ones make this story special. Listen to beautifully crafted ‘Taqseem’ by Gulzar Sahab. 

About Author

Gulzar was born in a Khatri Sikh family as Sampooran Singh Kalra. His father rebuked him for being a writer initially. Shailendra and Bimal Roy encouraged him to join films. He started his career as a songwriter with the music director Sachin Dev Burman for the movie Bandini. For the 1971 film Guddi, he penned two songs, of which “Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena” was a prayer which is still sung in many schools in India. Gulzar primarily writes in Urdu and Punjabi; besides several other languages such as Braj Bhasha, Khariboli, Haryanvi and Marwari. Gulzar has won a total of 36 awards and honors.
To know more about him please visit his Wikipedia page.

Link to Today’s Story – Taqseem

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