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क्यूट मोहर सिंह (निखिल सचान)-Kahani Jaani Anjaani Podcast – Episode 17 & 18

निखिल सचान जी द्वारा लिखित क्यूट मोहर सिंह ले जायेगी आपको मोहर सिंह की डकैत और प्यार भरी दुनिया में , अब डकैती उनके साथ रहेगी या उनका प्यार सुजाता ये तो वक़्त ही बताएगा| इस एपिसोड में सुनिए कहानी का पहला भाग और जानिये मोहर सिंह की क्यूट दुनिया के बारे में |

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What’s special about today’s story? 

Cute Mohar Singh as the name suggests is a sweet and fun story that takes one through the life of a bandit who is known for his notoriety and crimes. The story shows how this man gets tamed and takes a different path using humor as one its core ingredients. In this romantic story, Nikhil Sachan, spins a fun vibe and keeps you engaged throughout.

Nikhil Sachan is an IIT-IIM  who is definitely not writing like the one you know of. An author and columnist, he is also a marketing head in a major company. Residing in Mumbai, he has already penned three books – two of them are a collection of short stories and the latest one is a novel. You can find links to his books below.

  1. Namak Swadanusar – Amazon 
  2. Zindagi Aais Pais – Amazon 
  3. UP 65 – Amazon

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