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Kahani Jaani Anjaani Podcast – Episode 5 – Parmatma Ka Kutta

Naya Saal Aap sabko mubarak ho! Happy new year. After a long hiatus in sharing any stories, I am back! Apologies for taking forever to come up with a new episode. I was just a little lost in the last year trying to juggle too many things. But I am glad that I could find the courage to come back and reconnect with all of my listeners. Hopefully, they have not completely given up on me! This technically, should have been the 6th episode but I had to take down the earlier 5th episode with a story by Nikhil Sachan due to some technical issue. Also, I made promises in that episode that I miserably failed to keep. Will reshare the story in sometime.

So what’s the 5th Episode about?

Apart from finding my renewed energy and jumping on the opportunity to tell all of you a story, in the 5th episode of “Kahani Jaani Anjaani“, we read a very different kind of story than the ones I read in my past episodes. We read a short story by Mohan Rakesh, one of the pioneers of “New Writing” in India. The story is titled, “Parmatma Ka Kutta” (God’s Dog).

Mohan Rakesh is popularly known for his play, “Ashadh ka ek Din“. He has also written several novels and short stories. You can read more about him on this wikipedia link.

Mohan Rakesh

Buy Books of Mohan Rakesh

Mohan Rakesh has written and shared several stories over his life span. If you liked this story, do read more of his creations. I have shared link to some of his books below.

Sharing direct links to some of his books on Amazon:

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