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Kahani Jaani Anjaani Podcast – Episode 4 – Dor

“Kahani Jaani Anjaani” is a podcast journey that started in April 2016 with no intentions of being more than a side project that I can use to share stories in Hindi. It was a small attempt to encourage me to read more hindi stories/text and at the same time encourage others to join in. Back then, I never imagined that I would like to take this forward with more episodes and take it more seriously.
1.5yrs later, the podcast has just about 3 episodes with 4th one released today. But it’s not a forgotten side-project anymore. I hope that it grows to become a platform for discovering stories and writers both new and old in Hindi language. I am working on ensuring that I can take this podcast more seriously and devote time to improve my skills of storytelling along with connecting with a lot of like-minded people. This post hopefully marks a milestone of this podcast where it promises to become a bi-weekly affair and a season of 12 episodes! 


What’s special about 4th Episode of Kahani Jaani Anjaani?

The 4th episode is a guest special episode. This one follows a different format than the earlier ones as we have a guest author on the podcast who will engage in conversations and also read the story along with me.

Who is the guest on the Episode?

This episode’s guest is renowned author and playwright, Shri Mathura Kalauny. He has written more than 150 short stories along with some novels and plays. He is known to have been spearheading a Bangalore-based theatre group – Kalayan Theatre for the last 29 yrs among many other things.

Mathura Kalauny

We read his short stories, “Track Suit” and “Mohini Murat” in Episode 2. Click here to Listen.

So which story do you narrate in this episode?

In this episode, both myself and Kalauny ji narrate a story “Dor” written by another renowned writer, Urmila Shirish. It’s a very interesting story that’s placed in today’s times and follows the mental state of a mother who had sent her daughter away to a far away country after marriage.

Hit, play below to listen to the story. If you would like to read the story online, click here. At this time, hindi story download is not allowed for this podcast but you are free to share it with anyone.

This story can be heard by all ages including kids studying in class 4 or above.

How can you connect with Kalauny ji?

As discussed on the podcast, you can find his stories and more information on Kalayan’s website.

To directly connect with him, you can send him an email or call:

Contact Number – +91 80 6653 8434

Email –

Some of his plays and books are available on

How can you Subscribe to Kahani Jaani Anjaani for more stories and updates?

You can add your email on my site here at piyushagarwal.c0m for updates.

To subscribe to the podcast directly, simply head to your favorite podcast app and hit “Subscribe”.
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