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Solar Eclipse and Food!

So we all witnessed the Solar Eclipse today! Din we?

Well if you are shaking your head in disagreement, then you missed something. I know an eclipse happens every year and its not like you have missed a life-time opportunity. But still think of it in this way, supporting such a thinking process how many eclipses you must have missed in your lifetime.. The simple thing is one should always try and enjoy whatever happens around…

Solar Eclipse - Demo Pic

Btw…I am loading you with so much of philosophy only because I witnessed the Solar Eclipse this time…and now that I have witnessed it, I will simply ignore the umpteen number of times I have missed it. But that only because its me.. 😛 (I should stop before someone hits me!)

The eclipse looked amazing. The sun was partially covered when I witnessed it but I could see the ring forming. It looked so divine and all of a sudden my imagination took me through several movies where they show an eclipse…I imagined myself standing in the deserts of Egypt…in a different era and the Eclipse will open doors to many a hidden secrets! But it din take me long to come back to reality thanks to the only UV glasses being shared among everyone at my Office! They wanted the glasses…. 🙁

Having lost the chance to go ahead with my imagination I walked away. Well that wasn’t the only reason

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