Kahani Jaani Anjaani

Audio Drama – Button Button By Richard Matheson – Episode 100

Today we celebrate 100 episode of Kahani Jaani Anjaani. Started with a mission to celebrate the Hindi writing of old & new age writers, so that no stories get lost with time and a thought of a finite episode series. Listeners love and appreciation kept us going and here we are today marking 100 episodes.

Thanks to all the writers who gave us permission to read their stories, their valuable time for interviews and our famous hindi writers for such a rich Hindi Literature. We thank them all , as without them and our listeners this journey would have incomplete.

What Special For 100 Episode

We present an audio drama which is a Hindi adaptation of short story Button Button written by Richard Matheson. Audio drama is dramatised by talented artists of Tahatto Theaters. Written By Piyush Agarwal. Cast – Neha Mohanty,Vijay Sharma,Prashanth Nair, Anand Swamy & Piyush Agarwal.

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