Kahani Jaani Anjaani

एक छोटा सा मज़ाक (एंटोन चेखोव)- Kahani Jaani Anjaani Podcast – Episode 8

Hello Everyone. How is everyone doing? I know the last 3 months have been quite difficult and challenging for all of us. Corona has left us with finding new norms in our lives and as it still continues it requires a lot of discipline, patience & positivity from us. So, I am here again. Yes again I know you must be thinking how many times & after how many breaks this will be again & again 🙂  But this time with a promise to be with you every Friday with new stories, new emotions so that we all can smile together, and come over these difficult times.

कहानियाँ भाव दर्शाने का एक बहुत अच्छा माद्धम है | “एक छोटा सा मज़ाक” कथावाचक और नादिया के कुछ अन कहे जज़्बातों की कहानी है जिसमें अंत में आप पाएंगे की कैसे और कहाँ उनकी कहानी कुछ बिना कहे सुने दो अलग मोड़ पर ख़तम हुई |

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