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द रिटर्न (फरनांडो सेरेंटीनो)- Kahani Jaani Anjaani Podcast – Episode 43

सुनिए फरनांडो सेरेंटीनो द्वारा लिखी रोमांचक रचना  ” द रिटर्न ” | क्या होता है जब लेखक एक भिखारी की मौत होते देखता है क्या वह उसके बारे में किसी को बता पायेगा या कोई और उसके बारे में पहले से जान चुका है?

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What’s special about today’s story?

The thriller essence of the story makes this story special. The Return written by FERNANDO SORRENTINO , story of a murder witnessed, how it takes the unexpected turns with the birth of a child. Hook to this story with Kahani Jaani Anjaani.

About Author

Fernando Sorrentino is an argentine writer. His works have been translated into English, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Kannada, and Kabyle. In 2006 Fernando Sorrentino published a collection of short stories entitled: “Per colpa del dottor Moreau ed altri racconti fantastici”, This collection includes all his short stories translated in Italian.

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One reply on “द रिटर्न (फरनांडो सेरेंटीनो)- Kahani Jaani Anjaani Podcast – Episode 43”

Hello Piyush Sir. I am Iqra Ramzan from Pakistan. I listen to your podcasts regularly on Gaana app. I am sure your voice is being heard all over the world. I am really amazed by your story telling method. I really liked this particular episode as it speaks about rebirth and Karma. Thank you sir for providing us wonderful stories. Keep doing this great job.

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