My Writings

Bloody Business – Flash Fiction

The job was done. Like always, everything had gone perfect. The contract objective fulfilled, no eyewitnesses or proof left behind. But unlike always, Sam was not rejoicing with Brad. He seemed to be lost in deep thought and disturbed. Finally, Brad had to step up and break the intolerable silence.

“So where should we party tonight?”, Brad asked sending out a puff of cigarette smoke.

Sam gave him a look of disgust and said, “Party? For what? For killing the innocent and laughing at the helpless…”

“Whoa! Whoa! Sammy, chill. This is not the first time we did this. We are contract killers and this is our damn business. And remember business involves no emotions, specially ours! So cool down…and enjoy another success.”

“Success? That women was not in the contract then why her? She was pregnant damn it…”, saying this he shivered and a tear rolled down his cheek, “…and I did not even think twice before pumping that bullet in her.”

“We could not afford to leave an eyewitness back. And anyways, it was her fate man!”, Brad said coolly letting out another puff.

“Then why was her fate destined through my hands? I can’t bear the pain Brad. I want you to…”, he hesitated.

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