I am Piyush

Nothing up Yet! Y? Read away…

Hi…I am Piyush Agarwal currently @ Bangalore…and finally I did setup wordpress on this web address which I bought 5 months back from another guy who was running a Matrimonial Site on this one!! (how lame!!).. Well whatever, it took me 5months to kick myself into hosting a blog engine…I hope it doesn’t take me long in making a good use of it!! 😛

In short, you must have guessed something about me..

I Am Lazzzzyy….like doing things at my own pace and hate planning!! Also in my conversation I use “…” a lot which does not mean that I do not have clarity of thoughts…but I am used to taking pauses…at the right places..!! 😀

Well…for the time being, by-the-time I get myself into the blog posting mode here, if you are interested in knowing about tech stuff the non-techie way, head to my other blog

See you around…and if you can encourage(read as bully) me to get started here…do post a comment! Love meeting new people…so strangers are welcome too.

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