Sameer Goswami “Jab Aawaaz Bane Kahaniyon Ki Pehchan” – Charchaganj with Piyush Agarwal – Ep 2

In this episode Piyush Agarwal is in conversation with Sameer Goswami from KahaniSuno, a Indian Storyteller popularly known for his podcast on PremChand Stories. He has also voiced several popular audio stories like Chandrakanta and Alif Laila. You can find his stories on Audible Suno, Red FM and every other podcast app.

Listen to the insightful and free-flowing conversation while learning from his experience on

– Make money and career in podcasting
– Getting started with podcasting and writing stories
– Finding your voice and exploring stories by authors in Hindi
– His journey through Akashwani, Audioboom and more.

Charchaganj is a place where you will listen & be part of heartfelt & unfiltered conversations with few famous personalities from different fields.Its a Video Podcast series by Piyush Agarwal where you will get to know artists from different fields, their experiences & some unfiltered conversations.So be part of these conversations and stay with us in Chachaganj. 🙂

“Charchaganj (चर्चागंज)” वो शहर है जहाँ किस्सों और बातों से बड़े से बड़े समस्याओं का समाधान निकल आता है | इस जगह अनजाने लोग मिलकर कुछ पल के लिये एक अपनापन ढूंढ लेते हैं जैसे ट्रैन के डिब्बे में लोग हमसफ़र बन जाते हैं | इस वीडियो पॉडकास्ट सीरीज (Video Podcast Series)  में, चर्चा करेंगे कुछ जाने माने लोगों के साथ और उनके अनुभव, सोच और किस्सों को सुनेंगे अनफ़िल्टर्ड| तो बनिए जाइए इस चर्चा का हिस्सा पियूष अग्रवाल के साथ “चर्चागंज” में| 

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