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डस्क (साकी) – Kahani Jaani Anjaani Podcast – Episode 29

किसी को ज़रूरत में जान कर उसकी मदद करना क्या हमेशा सही होता हैं ? क्या इंसानियत ज़िंदा रहती है या फिर एक बार फिर हार जाती है किसी ऐसे के आगे जिसने उसका गलत फायदा उठाया हो | क्या अपना ही दूसरों पर किया विश्वास डगमगाने लगता है , नार्मन ऐसे ही जवाब ढूंढ़ता है खुद में , ‘डस्क’ साकी द्वारा लिखी इस रचना में | सुनिए और जानिये क्या आपको इंसानियत से जुड़े सवालों के जवाब मिलते हैं या फिर एक प्रश्न रह जाते हैं | 

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What’s special about today’s story?

The emotions to understand a person’s perspective in the story makes it special. Emotion of not trusting a stranger to trusting a stranger, leaving you to think again on the point whether humanity exists or not. The distrust undeserving people created by creating a void to even believe a genuine person in future.

Hector Hugh Munro was a witty British author and has pen name SAKI or H.H. Munro. Munro (Saki) was a master of the short story form. In his early career, Munro became a police officer in India and was posted to Burma where he contracted malaria before returning to England in 1895. In 1896, he decided to move to London to make a living as a writer. Munro started his writing career as a journalist for newspapers. To know more about Saki please visit his Wikipedia page or & 

The Dreamer –
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The Toys of Peace and Other Peace –
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Link to Today’s Story – Dusk By Saki

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