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Lalu’s Love Song for Rabri

  “Humka Sirf Toehse Pyaar Hai…!!!” Naaraz kyun ho Jaaneman? Hum boore(old) par dil abhi bhi jawaan hai. Pyaar tohka itna kare ki… Haazir kadmo par hamar naahi, tu ziski bole uski jaan hai!! Ek tu hi hamar pyaar hai, Baaki sab toh mulli, fali aur jawaar hai. Tori figure ka deewana saara Bihar hai, […]

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Bloody Business – Flash Fiction

The job was done. Like always, everything had gone perfect. The contract objective fulfilled, no eyewitnesses or proof left behind. But unlike always, Sam was not rejoicing with Brad. He seemed to be lost in deep thought and disturbed. Finally, Brad had to step up and break the intolerable silence. “So where should we party […]

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The Perfect Gift – A Short Story

Sitting in my plush office, going through regular data sheets & performance charts, I wasn’t feeling too good. It was not business that was troubling me…. 8.28pm , gleamed the digital clock at my desk. Something was not right. No, it wasn’t the time. This was something that did not happen everyday and I was […]

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